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Although there is some crossover with the mini-tummy tuck, a monsplasty refers specifically to the reshaping, tightening, and flattening performed for localized puffiness or bulging of the pubic zone. The mons (mons pubis) is the upper part of the hair-bearing area of the genital region in/around the pubic bone. Fullness in this zone is sometimes called a FUPA – an acronym for a “Fat Upper Pubic Area”.

A monsplasty will tighten, flatten, and smooth out the mons and lower abdomen to create better comfort, better hygiene, improved confidence/self-esteem, and improved intimacy sensations.

Sometimes fat removal with small cannula liposuction is all that is necessary. This is a very straightforward, brief procedure which is essentially scarless.

But many patients will also benefit from the removal of a section of any loose, inelastic, stretched out skin of this zone. This will simultaneously tighten the lower abdomen and tighten and lift the pubic zone. A small scar of the lower abdomen hides under the bikini line.

Good candidates for this procedure have fatty puffiness of the pubic mound (FUPA) and loose/saggy skin of the lower abdomen; a common condition following pregnancies of weight loss. An indented or uncomfortable c-section scar is often a contributing factor that is typically removed at the same time.

No general anesthesia is needed for this office procedure. Special local anesthetic and sedatives help create a relaxed, sleepy, “twilight”-like, pleasant experience. The recovery is simple with minimal downtime or restrictions The new, flatter contour and lift will be permanent if weight remains stable. This is a generally safe procedure with low risks for complications or side effects.

Monsplasty Consultation

Before choosing your options for a Monsplasty procedure, you will have a private, in-depth consultation with Dr. Back, who has earned a reputation as one of the best Doctors for cosmetic surgery in the South Jersey and Philadelphia area. After an examination, he will review with you everything you want and need to know, and together you will discuss your goals and his recommendations. All the details of the procedure will be reviewed, and you will also have ample time for questions. ‘Before & After’ photos of our previous patients’ results are available to help new patients visualize the options available to them.

Monsplasty Procedure

Liposuction is performed utilizing a local anesthetic.  Small nicks are made in inconspicuous, hidden spots (like inside the belly button) and special small cannulas are used which allow Dr. Back to simultaneously remove fat and reshape the area. As the new flattening shape begins to appear, Dr. Back will refine and recontour the area further until done. Further tightening will be achieved by the removal of the loose skin (and/or c-section scar) creating the pubic lift using a hidden incision.

Monsplasty Recovery

The hidden, small nicks from liposuction usually heal invisibly within days. Band-aids are the only ‘dressing’ needed for these after surgery. If skin removal and a pubic lift was performed, a light dressing will be needed. Most patients will wear a postoperative garment for 3-4 weeks to help support the skin as it stabilizes into its proper, tighter, and smoother contours and to minimize swelling and bruising. Mild restrictions on your activities only, and you should be able to see a difference immediately, although the results will generally keep improving for many weeks after your procedure. Individual results may vary.


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